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About Vicrylic Vinyl Coating

Vicrylic Liquid Vinyl Coating is a spray vinyl coating, formulated to last 30 years or more without ever chipping, cracking, flaking or peeling.

For over 20 years home and business owners have been trusting the Vicrylic Liquid Vinyl Coating system to protect their homes and businesses.

Let us help you eliminate the need to ever paint again.

Finally, an exterior coating you can apply to your home’s exterior and never paint again. It can be applied to most any paintable surface and comes in a rainbow of colors, over 1,800 to chose from. Composed of high quality vinyl resins and polymers, Vicrylic Liquid Vinyl Coating is easy to clean and mildew resistant. The vinyl spray system is tough and durable like standard vinyl siding, but looks exactly like a fresh coat of paint.

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Current Projects

Redwood Deck

Hayward, CA

2nd Story Deck

Berkeley, CA

Earthquake Retrofit

Foundation Work

Deck Repair

Fix Rot Damage