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Common Questions

Where can theTopLoft units be mounted in my garage?

The TopLoft units can be placed in most areas of the garage: front, back and sides. The most common location is inside the garage above the garage door. Take a look at the amount of vertical space between the metal tracks that the garage door travels on and the ceiling. Our shelves can be adjusted to hang from about 17″ all the way down to 28″ from the ceiling, avoiding interference with your garage door. If there is not enough space above the open garage door, the units can be mounted somewhere else on the garage ceiling, such as along the back or sides.

Our installer can make recommendations when he arrives at your house. We only require that we can locate ceiling joists to properly secure the units. We are able to install the TopLoft units in almost all garages; it’s just a matter of where they go. Installation times are generally for 9:30AM Monday through Saturday. Afternoon appointments are available on request. In the Sacramento region, we have appointments available as early as 5:30 AM.

How many units will fit in my garage?

TopLoft ceiling units come in 4′x4′ sections. Typical installation is 2 to 4 units for a one-car garage, 4 units for a two-car garage, and 6 units for a three-car garage, thereby covering the width of the garage. Many customers choose to add more units once we install their initial order, so our installers carry extra units. You pay for what we install.

What about my garage door opener?

No problem; almost all garages have them. We mount the units to the left and the right of the garage door opener arm, leaving a small gap between the units to allow the garage door arm to operate.

How long does it take to install the TopLoft system?

Please allow 3 to 5 hours for the installation process. Your garage only has to be clear enough to allow access to the ceiling areas where the units will be installed. (We don’t expect your garage floor to be completely empty…that’s why you called us!) Once you discuss your layout with the installer, he will begin installation with your approval.

Can I install the units myself?

We used to offer the units along with installation kits, but found that homeowners were spending a full day or more trying to do it themselves, and in many cases, were unable to complete the installation. It typically takes our professional staff 3-5 hours to complete an installation, and that’s with experience, expertise, and the right tools. We now offer our systems fully installed, and experience has shown that the labor cost is well worth it to avoid the hassle of trying to do it yourself. Our professional installers secure all units into ceiling joists with large lag bolts to ensure the proper support.

Do you offer any other kinds of units?

Our Monster Wall Shelves are 2′x4′. Monster Wall Shelves are a great way to complement your overhead units. The incredible 4′x5′TopLoft Supreme is a heavy-duty version of overhead garage storage. Although most garages are best suited for the regular 4′x4′TopLoft units, garages with extra high ceilings and clearance can take the TopLoft Supreme units.

How much storage does the HyLoft system provide?

Each 4′x4′ unit holds 250 pounds and 35 cubic feet, and can accommodate 16 standard storage bins. A 4-unit system (16 feet wide) will hold 1,000 pounds of weight and 48 standard storage bins. Each Monster Wall Shelf is 2′x4′ and can support 200 pounds.TopLoft Supreme units are 4′x5′ and can hold 300 pounds of storage.

What are the units made out of, and what is the warranty?

All the units are made out of heavy-gauge steel and are finished in a powder-coated white finish. The racks are dipped in white rubber for a clean professional finish. All our products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Can I get an estimate?

Since our pricing is fixed, there is no need for an estimate. If you are unsure of how many units you want/need, order what you think you want. We will only charge you for what we install.

How much do the units cost?

Each 4′x4′ TopLoft unit costs $200 installed with a minimum 4-unit order. If you order 3 units, each one is $225, and if you order 2 units, each one is $250. The Monster Wall Shelves cost $75 installed, and our SupremeTopLoft units cost $300. Prices include parts and labor. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and personal checks.

Do you provide installation in my area?

Golden Gate Enterprises currently provides installation throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento Valley, operating out of regional installation offices. We can install in outlying or remote areas, but occasionally have to add a modest trip charge to cover extra time and gas.

We are moving soon…can you help?

Many customers request installation of theirTopLoft system before they move so they have a place to store things in their new home. We can work with you to coordinate a date that is after your closing of escrow and before you move. Please contact us as early as possible so we can reserve time for your installation.

How do I arrange for an installation?

Call our main office at 800-305-1062. We will find a date that works for you. We are booked about a week in advance, so please plan ahead and we can accommodate your schedule.

For more information on this or any of our other products or services please contact us .

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