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TopLoft 4×4 System

The system consists of 4-foot by 4-foot steel grid shelf units that hang from the ceiling of the garage. The heavy duty grid sits atop two metal support bars that are fastened to four downrods. The downrods are in turn anchored to the underside of ceiling joists. The four downrods on the system can be adjusted from 16 inches to 28 inches from the ceiling. Multiple units can be installed next to each other or in any number of installation patterns. The TopLoft units can be installed immediately above the garage door or anywhere on the ceiling providing there is a minimum of 17 inches clearance.

You get instant storage in a location that might otherwise have gone unused. Properly installed, the system will not interfere with garage doors or openers. Each 4-foot by 4-foot overhead storage system will provide about 35 cubic feet of storage (12 storage bins!) and hold a maximum of 250 pounds,evenly distributed. TopLoft garage ceiling storage systems are the most cost effective way to gain large amounts of storage space in previously unused areas of your garage.

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