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Why Choose Ez-Glide?

1. If you can’t see in the Dark.

It’s dark inside those cabinets. Especially there… way in the back of the bottom shelf. How have you ever found anything back there without EzGlide Roll-Out Shelves?

2. If you need to get organized.

Organized Kitchens are a snap with EzGlide Roll-Out Shelves. Just pull open the Roll-Out Shelf, and organize everything. When it’s perfect, roll the shelf back into place.

3. If you have back problems.

Why bend over or get clear down on your hands and knees to get things from your Kitchen Shelves? Just use EzGlide Roll-Out Shelves. They’re designed to make your life easier. Just think… Slide out the Roll-Out Shelf, get what you need, and slide the shelf back. WOW! How easy is that?

Our EzGlide Shelves qualify for Assisted Access Living.

4. If your pantry is a mess.

You can’t see what’s at the back of the pantry shelves, and if you could, you can’t get to it without moving everything in front of it out of the way. The first step to a neat pantry is adding Roll-Out Shelves from EzGlide Shelves. Roll-Out our Sliding Shelves and organize to your heart’s content. Think of it. You can see Everything in your pantry, and it’s all at your fingertips.

5. If you enjoy beautiful things.

The Hand Crafted quality is obvious in every Sliding Shelf from EzGlide Shelves. Made of Native Hardwoods, the beautiful wood grain in each Pullout Shelf is a joy to behold.

6. If you like things that work the way they’re supposed to.

It’s nice when things work like they are supposed to. No worries, just enjoy the convenience 365 days every year for as long as you own your home. Every Roll-Out Shelf is guaranteed to do just that.

In addition to the natural strength of solid wood sides, out glides that have been tested through 100,000 open/close cycles. Each Roll-Out Shelf will carry a 75-lb load.

7. If you’re a ‘ neat freak ‘.

There’s nothing wrong with being neat. You enjoy opening your kitchen cabinets to see neatly organized storage. It’s really the result of good kitchen organizing for convenience in using your kitchen cabinets for more storage.

It just takes a little work, and a few Sliding Shelves from EzGlide Shelves.

If you’re tired of digging for the Pot or Pan you need.

It seems to happen every time. The correct size Pot or Pan is way in the back. You have to unload the shelf, get the pan you need, and put everything back. It’s either that, or make-do with whatever size is in front.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just slide out the Roll-Out Shelves and get exactly the right Pot or Pan every time? Simple. Easy.

If you are disgusted to find an un-wanted duplication.

If most everyone has had the experience. You are digging through your cabinets one day hunting for an item. In the process of moving things around you discover the exact item you were looking for the other day, and didn’t find. Of course you bought more, thinking you were out. Now what. There’s no way you’ll be able to use both of them up before they go out of date. What a waste. If only you had Roll-Out Shelves. You would have found the item in the first place. Easily. Quickly.

If you want to add value to your home.

If you ever decide to sell your home, when the Realtor shows the prospect the convenience, practicality, and organization with the Sliding Shelves you have installed, your home is going to have a leg up on the other homes for sale.

You may even be able to add the value of the Sliding Shelf installation to the sales price. Ask your Realtor when you list your home. By pointing out the additional kitchen storage available, and the ease of using Sliding Shelving, their prospect is sure to be impressed.

For more information on this or any of our other products or services please contact us .

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